What’s included in the platform?

Eppione is an all-in-one, global solution for employee benefits and people management with a built-in reporting and analytics tool. However, if you only need employee benefits, or only people management, they can be made available as stand-alone solutions.

How much does the platform cost?

We offer a range of flexible pricing plans to suit your specific needs. Costs will depend on a range of factors, such as company size, your requirements, and the level of support you’d like. Get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Can Eppione help me choose the right benefits globally?

Our employee benefits marketplace has a wide range of benefits options from around the world. Making it easier for you to search and find the right ones for your employees. Our employee benefits consultants are also on-hand if you need extra help with making your choices.

Employee Benefits Platform

Employee Benefits Platform

Is there a limit on how many benefits I can add?

You can add as many benefits as you like. There are no minimums or maximums, and no hidden costs for the number of benefits you add to the platform.

Can I assign benefits to specific teams or employees?

Yes, you can tailor each benefit to only be available in certain countries, or to specific offices, departments, seniority levels or even individuals.

How often does the total reward statement update?

Employees’ total reward statements update automatically as their salary, benefits or bonuses change. No need to manually update or wait for annual reports.

When can employees make changes to their benefits?

That’s up to you. You can set selection windows for certain benefits, depending on your renewal date. Or, you can let employees opt in and out whenever their needs change, depending on the terms of your benefit. With our mobile app, employees can make changes wherever they are, whenever suits them.

People Management Tool

People Management Tool

Is the people management tool built into the platform?

Yes, our platform is an all-in-one solution for employee benefits and HR admin. However, if you only need the employee benefits module or only people management, they can be made available as stand-alone solutions.

How can my employees log working hours?

There are 3 options for logging hours. Employees can submit timesheets with specific activities to help with your time management. Alternatively, they can clock in and out on mobile, using geofencing to check they’re close to the workplace. Or, for shift workers, you can use the rostering tool to assign and track shifts.

Can I track training progress in the platform?

Admins can track who has been assigned to a training course, whether it’s mandatory, and if it’s been completed within the platform.

Can I limit the number of employees that can take leave at the same time?

Yes, you can set maximum limits for the number of employees who can be on annual leave at the same time within a department. Employees in that department will be unable to request time off during a period where the limit has been met. However, admins can override the maximums for exceptional circumstances.

Reporting and People Insights

Reporting and People Insights

What can I report on in the platform?

You can report on any data you’ve populated within the platform. For example, you can track hours worked, annual leave and sickness trends, employee benefits uptake, training completion, employee turnover and more.

What can I see on the dashboard?

The reporting tool includes 8 different dashboards, with insights into everything from benefits and training to absenteeism and turnover. Each dashboard includes key indicators for location, demographics and trends over time.

Can I export reports?

Dashboards can be instantly downloaded as PNG files. Bespoke reports can be exported as XLSX, CSV or PDF files.

How can I convert data into charts and graphs?

You can easily turn your data into clear visuals using the chart mode, which includes a range of options for charts and graphs. They can then be exported as PNG, JPEG or PDF files for easy sharing.



Is Eppione a brokerage?

Eppione has a dedicated team of qualified employee benefits and insurance brokers that can help you choose the right policies for your business. Our team has decades of experience in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes to select, implement and manage their employee benefits and insurance policies.

In which countries does Eppione offer benefits brokerage?

Our global network of brokers means we can offer support in over 100 countries around the world. Eppione’s team coordinates with local experts to help you understand local risk factors and benefits requirements in your operating countries.

Can Eppione help me get started with flexible benefits?

Our experts have a wealth of experience in implementing and managing flexible benefits. We can help you determine if flexible benefits are right for your business, define a policy that works for you, and select which benefits to include as both mandatory and optional benefits.

Which benefits does Eppione broker?

We’re here to help with those more complex – and often most important – benefits. We have specialists in pension and retirement planning, health and medical insurance, dental and optical insurance, life assurance, and income protection and critical illness cover.