Financial services

Financial services

Stay on top of your finances. Plus, prepare for any rainy days or future plans. With expert guidance from our qualified financial advisors through our sister company Eppione Ltd regulated in Ireland and the UK we’ll help you get the most out of your money.

Financial services


Make your finances work for you

Take care of your money, and it will take care of you. No matter what your goals or stage of life, our financial advisors can help you put the right plans in place.


Visualise your financial future with detailed projections, helping you make informed decisions today for a prosperous tomorrow.


Whether you’re stepping onto the property ladder or looking to unlock the value of your home, we’ve got you covered.

Protect You Most Valuable Assets

Safeguard your family’s future with plans that offer security, come what may. Talk to us about Life, Income protection, Critical Illness, Family Income Benefit, Shareholder and Business Protection Policies.

Family Trust Planning

Efficiently manage and distribute your assets, ensuring your loved ones’ well-being for generations to come.

Retirement planning

Secure your golden years with expert guidance, ensuring you make the most of your pension options.

Investment Advice

Navigate the ever-evolving investment landscape with tailored strategies designed to amplify your wealth.