HR admin made easy

HR admin made easy

Bring all your tasks together, including key workforce information, insights, management and admin.

From individual, to workforce level, everything’s easy to access and update.

HR admin made easy

One size fits no one

We’re all individuals. So shouldn’t your HR solution be tailored to your employees’ exact needs? Make sure everyone has the information and access they need.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • Manage permissions on an individual level, such as access to key documents and other features
  • Easily update employee details, remuneration and important documents for certain employees
  • All your people can change their address, emergency contact and more
Personalise everything

HR Management

Permissions you can personalise

Personalise everything

If an employee on probation isn’t eligible for benefits yet, you can remove their access to the benefits area.

And if office employees fill in timesheets, while factory workers clock in and out, simply tailor their access to suit.

With Eppione, you can personalise everything down to the last detail.

Personalise everything
Gain insights


Take control, absolute doddle

Gain insights

Whatever the task, make it less of a chore.

Easily access and update information. Gain insights on a granular or global level.

Do it all by country, office, department or your workforce as a whole.

  • When things change, easily edit office and department settings (for instance, hiring a new manager)
  • Create bespoke reports on a wide range of metrics, instantly downloading to Excel
  • Run on-demand reports to send to payroll, factoring in overtime, absence and other deductions
Gain insights