Communicating your benefits

Communicating your benefits

You can have the greatest benefits package on Earth. If you don’t shout it from the rooftops, your employees won’t know how appreciated they are. With Eppione, you can deliver clear, concise communications to your entire workforce, leaving them in no doubt.

Communicating your benefits


If you’ve got it, flaunt it

BoxBenefits package

You’ve got a great benefits package, right?

So give all your employees a clear view. Wherever they are, whatever the time of day, Eppione lets everyone access their benefit options. On the go, on one mobile app.

  • Complete visibility of all benefits, including those available to add, and any costs
  • Let employees tap into their benefits options anytime, on a mobile app
  • Total reward statement for every employee, showing them the full value of their compensation and benefits

Discover more about total reward statements.

BoxBenefits package


More bang, less buck

When your employees understand their benefits, it can only help them feel more connected to your organisation. So why should employee benefit communications only happen during onboarding? With Eppione, you can boost the return on all your benefits spending by making your plans clear, meaningful and easy to access.

  • Give easy access to benefits information, documents and links.
  • Make it simple for employees to contact providers about their cover and claims.
  • Send regular reminders of what’s available, highlighting certain plans.

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