Gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap reporting

Be open about your gender pay gap. Get clear on the measures you’re taking to preserve fairness. With streamlined, automated analytics, Eppione makes it easier. And more accurate.

Gender pay gap reporting


Make sure everyone’s included

Don’t stop at gender. Get detailed insights into age, ethnicity and more demographic factors besides. Eppione gives you a more granular view of your pay gap, so you can see where improvements could be made.

  • Inform your diversity and inclusion strategy, with custom remuneration reports by age, ethnicity, gender and other demographics
  • Analyse your pay gap by country, office or department, and spot where improvements might be needed
  • Make it easy to repeat custom reports, tracking any changes and seeing the true impact of your diversity and inclusion strategy


Close the gap, open the conversation

Calculate and create your gender pay gap report. See exactly how much women are earning compared to men.

It’s easy to generate reports, too. Either once a year, or as often as you like.

  • Easily export the data you need, from hours worked to ordinary pay and bonuses
  • Transform reports into clear graphs and charts, all in a few clicks
  • Export your employee data and reports to Excel or PDF, making sharing easy