Improve employee communication

Improve employee communication

Centrally store your documents and talk to your employees around the world.

With access to up-to-date employee information, communication just got simpler. And better.

Improve employee communication


Put everything at their fingertips

Everything together

Make it easier for everyone to find the information they need, instantly.

No more searching through emails, or asking HR to resend documents. Bring everything together on one central platform.

  • Everyone can access their documents in one place, such as payslips, contracts and appraisals
  • While employees get new documents such as policy updates, you can track read receipts and send reminders
  • Give employees on-the-go access to company policies, employment terms and more, 24/7
Everything together

Keep everyone in the loop

Time zones. Office locations. Remote working. Keeping up with a global team is no mean feat. So Eppione pools all your information centrally.

Giving you access to the latest data. Instantly.

  • Instantly view key information, such as who’s currently working and their locations
  • Accepted annual leave requests are automatically visible to all, meaning everyone can plan meetings with ease
  • Employees get access to a full directory of their co-workers, making it easy to find the contact details they need


Urgent messaging in an instant

Instant communication

When you need to contact all your employees in an emergency, speed is always of the essence. Eppione gives you a reliable way to reach your entire workforce.

During work hours, and when they’re off the clock.

  • Send push notifications for instant communication, on desktop or mobile app
  • Activate read receipts and reminders, making sure they’ve seen the message
  • View their personal information and emergency contact details, immediately
Instant communication