Monitor and measure benefits

Monitor and measure benefits

Identify trends and shape your strategy. With powerful analytics and reporting tools, we help you get all over benefits monitoring. Pulling all your data together, it’s the easy way to track engagement and use.

Monitor and measure benefits


Track today, shape tomorrow

Uncover insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your greatest asset. With meaningful intel and cross-platform data, Eppione helps you uncover hidden insights into your workforce.

Not only their benefits use, but their wider working patterns. From tracking KPI’s on headcount and growth, to measuring retention and absenteeism. Simply create, schedule and share reports with your leadership team. All in a few clicks.

  • Customise your dashboard and instantly get the insights important to you.
  • Easily access benefits data, staying on top of employee changes and emerging trends.
  • Create bespoke, dynamic reports, using key insights to make smarter decisions.
Hidden insights


Get all the right answers

Benefits analytics

You think you’ve got the right benefits in place. But how can you be sure?

With the right employee benefits analytics, you’ll have clear, data-driven evidence your benefits are being used. You’ll also know they’re delivering a strong return on investment.

  • Make sure all your benefits are diverse and inclusive, tracking usage by demographic.
  • Monitor trends, so you can understand how and when employee needs are changing.
  • Discover the most, and least-used benefits, replacing with new options that match evolving needs.
Benefits analytics

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