Global benefits in one place

Global benefits in one place

Have employees in multiple countries? Effortlessly manage your benefits offering around the globe. Staying compliant with all the ins and outs of local regulation. All on one platform.

Global benefits in one place
Global benefits


Bring everyone, and everything, together

Global benefits

Your workforce is spread across multiple countries. Your information is stored in all kinds of places. No wonder it’s so complex handling worldwide employee benefits. But now, everyone can be treated to equally great options. Meaning an enhanced compensation strategy for each employee. And compliance with every local regulation. Saving you a world of hassle.

  • Streamline and automate your global benefits management
  • Stay compliant and up to date with local and global regulations
  • View and choose the benefits unique to each operating country

You can even browse and select benefits around the world with our employee benefits marketplace.

Global benefits


Engage locally to inspire globally

These days, people work here, there and everywhere. In fact, having employees scattered around the world is the norm. So how do you engage them all to inspire a happier global workforce?

Eppione lets you support their wellbeing wherever they are, with accessible benefits most relevant to them.

  • Offer a range of country-specific benefits, with flexible options
  • Monitor local benefits engagement with reporting and analytics
  • Let employees access their benefits anytime, around the globe, on a single platform and app
Tailored & compliant


A whole world easier

Tailored & compliant

Searching the world for benefits needn’t be complicated.

Through our global network of brokers, we can find you the best options and deals. All locally tailored and fully compliant. With brokers covering 130 countries, we’re here to make it easy.

Tailored & compliant

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