Training and development

Training and development

Bring all your employee training and development together. Give your workforce the tools to be at their best. Upskill every employee and stay compliant too. It’s all possible on the Eppione platform.

Training and development


Pull all your training together

Design your own online training. Upload materials and documents. Or integrate with other computer-based courses. Eppione lets you store and manage them all, making it simpler for everyone.

  • Easier for employees to access pending and completed training
  • Track completion of all courses, making sure everyone’s needs are met
  • Bring all your training together, so nothing gets missed
It’s all possible


Keep on top of their development

Training is vital for every organisation. Not only for compliance, but supporting your employees’ development too. Yet with so much work to stay on top of, it sometimes gets forgotten. That’s why Eppione gives you the tools to manage, however busy things get.

  • SunAllocate training to individuals or departments, setting dates for deadlines
  • Set recurring reminders, so employees stay aware of incomplete training and upcoming deadlines
  • Receive updates when training courses are completed, or exceed their due dates
  • ID cardGet reminders when courses are due to expire, or updates are needed


Stay informed, stay compliant

Want to measure engagement levels for training and development? Enjoy full visibility, while choosing courses that are compliant and informative.

  • Run reports to track completion and attempt rates
  • Anyone can log the time they spend on each course
  • Update employee profiles when courses are completed