Bespoke reporting

Bespoke reporting

Dig deeper and smarter, with precise, accurate and priceless insights. Use powerful HR reporting and analytics to understand your entire workforce. No matter how big or small it happens to be.

Bespoke reporting
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All the answers, all in one place

Wish you had all the answers?

You easily could, with a single source for all your key trends and automated reports.

Even better, you can get all your insights in the same place you manage your HR and benefits admin.

  • Analyse and report on everything, from employee benefits and annual leave to absenteeism and employee turnover.
  • Use flexible measures and dimensions, getting precise answers to almost any question.
  • Visualise every insight, transforming analytics into a wide range of charts and graphs.
All the answers


Understand trends, to better plan ahead

Develop smarter HR and people strategies. Tap into advanced business intelligence, spotting any issues or opportunities. And supporting all your resource planning with fresh new insights.

  • Identify any departments working long hours, arranging more support to manage their workload
  • Understand employee turnover by department, office or gender, so you can take action to retain and recruit
  • Track annual leave trends, so you know where the hotspots are, or whether to encourage time off
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A new kind of team-building tool

Do more than just keep up with changing trends. Help all your stakeholders and managers plan ahead.

After all, the more you understand your workforce, the more you can build happier, healthier teams. Eppione gives you all the tools.

  • Cut down manual reporting by saving, editing, and rerunning previous data queries.
  • Export reports on demand, in Excel or PDF.
  • Grant access and share reports with decision-makers, for easy, accurate knowledge-sharing.
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