Financial wellness

Financial wellness

Stress over money can have a damaging impact on your employees’ productivity and performance. Even causing some to look for a new role. Making financial wellness key to your employee wellbeing strategy.


Financial wellness


Solve all their money worries

What should a good financial wellness strategy include? Capital and asset management, asset finance and contingency planning are good places to start. And they’ll go a long way to putting your employees on a solid footing.

With expert help from independent financial advisors, your entire workforce can learn to manage their finances better.

Easy to access

Employees can view resources through an online platform, mobile app or in-person support.

Personal to them

We have support and resources suited to everyone’s goals.

Educate and guide

From budgeting and saving, to investing and debt management, your employees will learn practical steps, with support at every stage.

Works with your current platforms

Simple to access for you and your employees, financial wellness is easy to integrate with your current benefits and HR systems.