Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

A good employee wellbeing programme is about more than free fruit and stress balls. It’s about uplifting your employees, so they can stay productive, thrive at work and live happier, healthier lives.

Employee wellbeing


A better life all-round

Revolutionary strategy

‘A Better Life’ is the name of our revolutionary strategy.

It brings together every aspect of employee wellbeing, to make a true difference in the way people feel.

Emotional, physical, financial. And at every stage of their lives.

  • Emotional: Employees can improve their focus and resilience, set goals, order priorities and feel better in general about themselves
  • Physical: Deep dives into nutrition, how food affects the body and mind, plus effective body movement tutorials for all kinds of conditions and injuries
  • Financial: Engaging content to help employees manage their money and feel better about their finances
Revolutionary strategy


Wellbeing made strategic, and personal

Personal development

Encourage your employees to tackle issues in their everyday lives.

Give them the support of leading experts from the world of personal development.

And choose whether to follow a set program, or customise your own version.

  • Customise the wellbeing program to suit individual employee needs, with bespoke group sessions and one-to-one discussions
  • Resources delivered as videos and worksheets employees complete at their own pace
Personal development


7 areas of support

Our wellbeing package

Help your employees in seven core areas. You can cherry-pick the objectives most relevant to you, or offer the whole program for the all-round wellbeing package.

  • Support employee health
  • Build a resilient, engaged and thriving workforce
  • Develop strong leadership, good working facilities and more opportunities
  • Create visible, embedded organisational values and principles
  • Inspire your workforce by encouraging personal growth
  • Nurture better lifestyle choices to prevent ill health
  • Support everyone’s financial wellbeing, reducing financial stress

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