Instant insights

Instant insights

Get an instant snapshot of all your workforce trends. Thanks to a range of intelligent dashboards, you can easily view all your key metrics and HR insights. Absenteeism, employee turnover and so much more.

Instant insights

Share your insights to boost your impact

Help all your stakeholders understand your workforce better. Share all your new, powerful insights to improve future strategies. Eppione helps you plan smarter, so you can grow your positive impact on the business.

  • Answer management questions faster with all key data at your fingertips
  • Download your dashboards for quick and easy knowledge sharing
  • Create strategic, analytic resources to make more informed, proactive decisions


Intelligent insights, instantly

From employee turnover to absenteeism, Eppione’s clear, intelligent dashboards give you an instant view of your key indicators.

Helping you immediately spot risks, trends and opportunities.

  • Keep a close eye on key metrics, such as absences, holidays, benefits uptake and more
  • View information as clear, flexible graphs and charts, ideal for instant visibility
  • Change timeframes, measures and dimensions with a click, to get all the answers you need