Benefits flexibility & choice

Benefits flexibility & choice

The more meaningful the benefit, the more value you’ll get from your spend. With benefits personalised for every employee, they’ll get to choose the options they want. While you control eligibility and parameters.

Benefits flexibility & choice


More freedom to flex

Freedom to choose

Want to boost engagement and retention?

Empower your workforce with flexible benefits. It’s great for increasing satisfaction. And gives them the freedom to choose what they really want.

  • Employees pick from a range of options set by you, with all the information they need.
  • Clearly showcase company-paid and employee-paid in one place, running reports for payroll.
  • Set individual allowances and help employees choose with our flexible benefits simulator.
Freedom to choose


A world of support

Here to help

Choosing benefits can get complicated.

Especially when it’s on behalf of a global workforce.

But don’t worry, our employee benefits consultants are here to help. Guiding you through the maze of options, regulations and needs.

Here to help


Change as you go

Relevant & valuable

The benefits your employees choose can differ from one year to the next.

So keep them relevant and valuable. Let everyone make changes as their needs change. On desktop, or mobile.

  • Set windows through the year when employees can add, remove or amend their benefits.
  • Decide which benefits can be added or removed, at any time.
  • Remove any benefits not proving a hit, and replace with another from our marketplace.
Relevant & valuable


Made to be measured

Data-driven insights

See who’s using your benefits, and how often.

Eppione lets you monitor the success of each one. Using data-driven insights to inform all your future strategies.

  • Detailed reporting gives you a clear picture of benefits use, so you can replace the less popular ones with something more valuable.
  • See which demographics are using their benefits most, and which might need more support.
  • Get insights on how much you’re spending, then review and improve your benefits budget.
Data-driven insights

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