Total reward clarity

Total reward clarity

When you add pension and other benefits on top of compensation, it demonstrates a more holistic employee rewards offer. So let your employees view a total reward statement, 24/7 and know just how much they’re getting.

Total reward clarity


Up to the minute and all year round

Total clarity

Why should rewards statements be an annual thing?

With Eppione, employees can view them any time of the day.

They even auto-update as their compensation changes. Total clarity, all through the year.

  • Statements update automatically as salary and benefits change in the platform
  • Rewards displayed as a pie-chart on the employee dashboard, for instant clarity
  • Help everyone value their package more, showing how they and their families benefit, 24/7
Total clarity


None of the leg work, all of the control

Zero prep time

Take your prep time to zero.

From salary to benefits use, every reward statement updates and recalculates automatically.

You can even configure them to show categories that boost your employer brand, such as.

  • Basic Pay
  • Bonus Payments
  • Other Allowances
  • Pension Benefits
  • Employee Benefits
Zero prep time

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